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Your business needs online exposure and needs to be seen by being ranked at the top of Google for your relevant search terms. We will work endlessly on your behalf to ensure you get to the number one spot and keep you there.

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Our digital marketing strategies and expertise will drive more targeted customers directly to your website, customers specifically looking for products and services.

Increase Sales

Your company will grow dramatically from a new stream of inquiries and customers who want to purchase your good and services.

It's A Partnership

We are here to work with you, we are always on hand to answer all your questions, resolve any problems or issues and update you on a regular basis. We believe in a personal, yet personal approach.

Bi-Monthly Reporting

Every two weeks we will send full reports on the progress of your ranking, modifications we feel will maximize your SEO strategy and suggestions to ensure your business and online reputation is maintained and improved.

Cutting Edge Technologies

The search engine optimization strategies we employ are the best in the world. In addition to the most up to date SEO employment, we are privileged to belong to a number of mastermind groups that allow us to stay on top of our industry, that ultimately benefits your site.

Dominate The Search Results

We won’t stop at ranking you number one. We want to take over the whole page. We have a successful track record of ranking some of the most competitive search terms out there.

No Outsourcing

None of our work is outsourced and we don’t believe in black hat tactics. Our work is performed 100% in-house by our team of experts.

We Don't Believe In Tieing You In To Lengthy Contracts

You employ us and our expertise on a 30-day rolling agreement. Quite simply if we don’t perform and dramatically improve your rankings we would not expect you to stick around.

Clear, Honest Advice On Hiring Us As Your SEO

SEO is Not a Magic Trick

SEO (search engine optimization) to many appears to be some sort of wizardry or magic trick.

Firstly, in the real world it’s far from a magic trick, and secondly, if you want real long-term results, there are no feats of magic that SEO can perform so that your site ranks number one. It’s important to keep in mind a successful SEO strategy when employed really depends on the overall quality of your business and/or website.

At Octopus SEO we endeavor to help your business and website get seen in the best possible light, so you get rank appropriately, in the search results where your potential customer would expect to find you.We believe the art of successful SEO will improve the experience for the searcher, from search results to clicking through to your website and ultimately converting into a customer.

Initial Recommendations

From the off, we will recommend best practices for a search friendly site.

From the ground up, such as descriptive page titles, we want to ensure your inline customers get a really good experience, especially those finding you from a search engine, and that your site gives the potential customer what they are looking for whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.
In the majority of cases, we will need three to twelve months to help your business first implement improvements with a view to maximizing results.
We feel that one basic rule of thumb is that in most cases, doing what’s good for SEO is also doing what’s good for your online clientele. Such as having a mobile friendly website, easy navigation, and building a solid brand.

Should You Wish To Hire Us

Should you wish to hire us, here’s the general process we follow.

We will conduct a two-way interview with you. We want to be genuinely interested your brand and business.Obviously, you will want to check our references.From there we will provide a full technical and search audit on your website.
Part of getting to know your business and your online goals doesn’t just focus only on search engine ranking, we want to know how we can help your business

We will ask questions like
• What makes your business or service unique and therefore valuable to your customers? We want to know this information to make sure it’s highlighted on your website for your current and potential new audience.
• What does your common customer look like and how do they currently find your website?
• How does your business make money, and how can search help?
• What other channels are you using? Offline advertising, social networks?
• Who are your competitors?
• What do they do well online and potentially offline?”

We are genially interested in learning about your business from a complete standpoint, Our philosophy is it’s difficult to do good SEO without knowing about a business’s goals, an understanding of your customers, and a complete snapshot of all your marketing efforts. We want your SEO strategy to complement your existing work.
Of course, you will want to hear from past clients that we have successfully as this will provide you with useful guidance. We want you to feel like we are someone you can work with, learn from, experiment with, we want you to feel that we genuinely care about you and your business, and it’s not just getting your site the highest rank.
We want to educate you and your staff on how search engines tick and how SEO works so ultimately it becomes part of your general business operations.

Technical & Search Audit

As far as a technical and search audit, we will need restricted view, not full or right access, to your Google Search Console data, and even your Analytics data. Before we modify anything on your website, a technical and search audit will give to give you a prioritized list of what we think should be improved for SEO.
We will prioritize improvements with a structured view, i.e. Identify the issue/s, then suggested improvements and in addition estimate precisely your overall investment.
This is in order to give you a clear idea of the time, energy, or financial investment it will take for our team to implement the improvement and for Google, as well as other search engines and viewers, to recognize the improvement.
The result should lead to a ranking improvement that in turn will lead to more visitors and conversions or alternatively the positive impact comes from a backend change that cleans up your site and helps your brand be agiler in the future.

More especially our technical audit will review your site for issues related to:
• internal linking
• crawl ability
• URL parameters
• server connectivity
• and response codes to name some

Branded Vs Unbranded Search Terms

We will likely break down your search queries into categories, like branded and unbranded terms.

Branded terms are those with your business or website’s name, like a search for Hotmail is a branded term while the search for email is an unbranded or general keyword.
We will make sure that for branded search terms your website provides a good experience that allows potential customers who are aware of your brand or website to easily find exactly what they need and potentially convert.
We may recommend certain improvements that help the entire search experience from what the searcher sees in search results to when they click on a result and use your website.
For unbranded queries, we can help you better make sense of the competitive search terms. For example the types of queries it would make sense for your business to rank and what your competition is doing and why we think they rank where they do
For example, your competition may have great reviews, shareable content, or they run a highly reputable site. We will provide recommendations for how to improve ranking for these queries and the entire searcher experience.

Internal Linking

To Improve internal linking we may find your site is suffering because some of your best content is too far from the homepage and users may be having a hard time finding it.
We can better internally link to your content to feature it more prominently. You may have great content but not enough visitors are getting to see it. We can try to get more user interaction and generate interest, maybe through business relationships and social media
This will help us attract more potential customers and provide natural links to your site. We will help you learn from the competition. We can show you what your competitors are doing well, so you can reach a level playing field and to how potentially surpass them.

Clear Effective Path Going Forward

We will show customers your business’s unique values, we will prioritize what ideas can bring your business the most improvement for the least investment, and what improvements may take more time but help growth in the long-term. This will help your business to plan a clear and effective path for effective SEO results going forward.

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