How To Grow an Engaged List On Steroids (With an 80% Open Rate & 40% CTR)

The Money Is In The List, as they say…

And maybe still to this day, this could be one of the most valuable pieces of advice any budding digital marketer, entrepreneur or any business could take on board and implicate.

List building & email marketing Is still one if not the most important things you can do to grow re-occurring, long-term revenue streams for your business.

However, the fact is these days even a higher engaged and nurtured email list can only really expect the following results these (optimistic) results – An open rate of 15 to 20% and a 2.5 to 5% CTR (click through rate to your offer)

So it begs the question is email marketing is as effective as it once was?

The short answer is a resounding Yes – an engaged, active and sizeable list will always provide a great opportunity to reach potential customers with your offers and of course offer new products to your existing customer base.

Though that being said we have to admit the inbox these days is a fiercely competitive medium to gain a prospect’s attention in the first place, seeing that the average person now receives of over 120 email per day…

The video we are presenting to you is not really about email marketing or email list building, as I’m sure you are aware the internet is awash with info on this particular subject…

So what we would like to cover is the new wave of messenger marketing – The Chatbot!

Actually, Let Me Rephrase that The New New Wave Of Messenger Marketing…

Messenger Marketing Automation (Conversational)

Enjoy the video and we hope you get some real value form it that you can employ in your list building strategies.

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