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SEO Superpowers For Your Local Business

We are an SEO agency that brings you tried and tested tactics that will result in driving more traffic to your business website and more business to your door.

SEO Gets You Seen First By Your Potential Customers

Your customers will research online before they buy. A strong organic search presence gives your business the best possible chance to be seen first. When your potential customers are actively looking for your product or service – They Will See You First.

Dramatically Improve Your Search Results

If you have a great service or product at a competitive price, someone will be looking for it online. Potential customers perform in excess of 40,000 searches on Google every second!

Increase Your Traffic

When you increase your rankings with SEO, you’ll be increasing your traffic potential to your website. Increased traffic will give you more opportunity for leads and sales.

Digital Marketing Made For Local Business

Our Search Engine Marketing strategies are designed with you the local business owner in mind. We know that small and medium enterprise business owners care about three major things: Price, Service & Results.

How Do We Do It?

Our clients start seeing their keywords climb up the rankings within two to three months of service. By month six, the majority of our client’s websites have reached page one of Google for the majority of their chosen keywords.

Full Technical SEO Audit
The most important first step is in-depth SEO audit will serve as an insight into how we get your SEO strategy off on the right foot. We need to know the problems keeping you from dominating your competition. We crawl your entire site, evaluate your keywords and content, analyze your backlinks and perform a full competitor analysis to show you exactly what you need to do to improve your rankings and traffic.
Strategy & SEO Rollout
You will be working alongside a team of SEO experts with a strategy totally tailor-made for your business. From keyword research and technical SEO to the creation of quality content and link building. We’ will roll out a strategy based on solid data and metrics – then implement everything on your behalf. The results will timely and effective as you begin to see your rankings and website traffic climb.
Accurate Up To Date Reporting

You will never have to worry if your investment is paying off. With our weekly client reporting systems, you can track your progress every step of the way. Your dedicated SEO account manager is always on hand to answer questions, give updates and recommend what steps to take next.

Reputation Managment

You will control and expand your online image, which will be positive and portrays your business in the best possible professional light. We will actively employ systems that will encourage your happy customers to leave rave reviews, whilst reducing negative press and false accusations that could harm your business reputation.



Clients begin seeing results almost immediately from their SEO campaign, as each page on their website, once optimized get indexed by Google. Their overall content improves, their customers are happier, and within a few months of traffic to their website, their business starts growing like never before.

Art Futures Group

“The team at Octopus SEO are always incredibly helpful and always on hand to answer quick or complex questions. They have consistently delivered impressive results, all of which we can track within the wonderful Octopus SEO Reports tool. I would happily recommend them to anybody looking to improve their SEO.”

Jeremy Kasler

CEO Art Futures Group

Liteblock Philippines

“Our SEO Results have been superb, we saw immediate results within our Google Ad campaign and gradual improvements with our organic SEO traffic campaign. Octopus SEO are a refreshing SEO agency to work with”

Manic Monkey

“Octopus SEO have been absolutely amazing for us, not only have they massively increased our online visibility, but they have helped us rank us on the first page. I could not be happier with them and would recommend Octopus SEO services to anyone.”
CEO Manic Monkey

Stomie Beauty

“Our SEO rankings have rocketed. Colin and his team have been superb throughout the first 6 months and we can’t wait for results to continue”

Charlyne Villasencio

Stomie Beauty

Live Rankings, Live Reporting

Join us and you will get access to live rankings to all the keywords that will drive traffic and visitors to your website.

No wondering if you’re moving up the search engine results, you will see for yourself the progress of your campaign live.

In addition, we will provide you with a live Trello project management board, you will see live the build out of your campaign.

Clear, Honest Advice On Hiring Us As Your SEO Expert

SEO is Not a Magic Trick

Search engine optimization to many appears to be some sort of wizardry or magic trick.

Firstly, in the real world it’s far from a magic trick, and secondly, if you want real long-term results, there are no feats of magic that SEO can perform so that your site ranks number one. It’s important to keep in mind a successful SEO strategy when employed really depends on the overall quality of your business and/or website.

At Octopus SEO Cebu we endeavor to help your local Cebu business and website get seen in the best possible light, so you get rank appropriately, in the search results where your potential customer would expect to find you. We believe the art of successful SEO will improve the experience for the searcher, from search results to clicking through to your website and ultimately converting into a customer.

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