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Creating The Online Presence & Dramatically Increasing Booking Enquiries For Abentura Cruises

Abentura Cruises was founded in 2014 by Australian born entrepreneur Mark Salem. Having settled in Cebu (Philippines) he discovered the beauty and fun of Island hopping for the first time and becoming familiar with the local Banka style boats Abentura slowly formulated.
Deciding although the Banka style boats used in the area were fun and offered customers a traditional and true feeling of being on the water with their open style decks covered by tarpaulins he felt that they were lacking luxury and comfort.
So he commenced a 2-year vision to built a one of a kind luxury Banka style yacht like no other. Fast forward two years and Abenutra had realized their dream & MB Adventure 1 along with a fleet smaller boats were ready to set sail to provide the ultimate island hopping experience.
After 18 (slow) months of operating Mark and his team contacted us – Mark was curious to know why he wasn’t getting any booking enquires from their existing website and why he couldn’t find his company on Google? After a brief discovery session, we informed him his website wasn’t even indexed with Google and he was receiving virtually zero traffic.
Abentura Cruises needed an agency who could get them to page one in Google’s organic search and map results for the relevant keywords for those looking for an island hopping adventure in Cebu.
From there with a substantial increase in organic website traffic, we needed to convert those visitors into actual booking enquires. Also through the design and content of the website we needed to showcase the experience and get over to the potential clients that this was not an ordinary Banka boat, but a luxury experience that in turn commanded a higher ticket price than the competition.
In addition, we believed a social media advertising strategy via Facebook would be perfectly suited for what they were offering and could substantially increase their booking rate.  
The first job in hand was to completely build them a new website from the ground up fully optimized with on-page SEO and built with the conversion goal of booking enquires in mind. 
Secondly once built we would begin to get the site ranked in the search engines for highly relevant keywords related to “Cebu Island Hopping” In addition in the local search results we needed them to show up in the top 3 search results on the first page of Google. 
Simultaneously we would begin to design, launch and test Facebook ads to a targeted local audience and try zero in on the huge amount of tourists in Cebu looking for excursions and days out.
Within the first week, the fully optimized (and great looking!) new site was live and with our proprietary Google My Business map listing strategies the company was in the number one spot on page one of Google almost immediately.
Googles organic search results rankings followed and within 90 days we had hit page one for a multitude of highly relevant keywords – many in the number one position. This coincided with the successful launch of Facebook ad campaigns.
The results of our work came flooding in thick and fast and the company began to get inundated with new booking enquires, as the months progressed this resulted in Abentura Cruises Doubling their annual revenue on the previous year and the company moving into profit for the first time.
We are glad to say two years on Abentura Crusies remain loyal clients and Mark Salam’s dream of a thriving, profitable business with a luxury style island hopping experience has been realized and we have been privileged to be a major contributor in that success.
Predictable & Scalable High Value Dental Inquires For Eximus Dental Clinic
Dr Erlinda M Dyson has been one of the leading dental implants surgeons in the Philippines for over 30 years. Her clinic situated in Makati, Manila was a successful one, however, she wanted to not only increase the amount of new patient inquires she was receiving on a monthly basis, but also increase the number of enquires specifically for dental implants. As dental implants were not only her specialized field but also from a business perspective the procedure that could bring in the greatest increase in revenue.
the doctor
When Dr Dyson approached us her website although indexed by Google was not showing up on page one for the relevant search terms for her clinic’s locality. In addition, the website, built on Blogspot didn’t really do her expertise and years of experience justice. Also, the clinic had no real effective lead capture or sales funnel to capture new patient inquiries. 
The first thing that needed to be addressed was the clinic’s existing website, having been poorly designed, with no real site structure, valuable content or indeed an effective lead capture funnel.
Next would be to get the site ranked on page one of Google in the organic and local map results for the relevant search terms and locality i.e “Dental clinic in Makati” Not only that but we needed to rank for more specific terms in relation to dental implants i.e “Dental Implants Philippines” etc.
In addition through our work with existing dental clients we knew we were having outstanding success with Facebook ad campaigns for dentists – so we decided to build that into our overall strategy. 
We would completely build the clinic a new website that not only looked great but was optimized for lead capture & dental inquires. Not only that we wanted the enquires to be as qualified as possible in regards to the specific dental procedure and an indication of the patients budget for the treatment. 
As far as ranking the site we would not only get it to page one for the relevant search terms, but we would also implicate the effective retargeting of website visitors who visited the site but didn’t convert into a dental enquires. We would do this by showing retargeting ads on Facebook and the Google Display network.
Finally, we would design, launch and test Facebook ad campaigns to further generate patient enquires.
Within approximately 90 days we started hitting page one of Google on for our search terms with a new content-rich website fully optimized to convert visitors into patient enquires. We had an effective retargeting sequence in place, which through our analytics was proving to convert more original website visitors.
Dental Clinic Makati
The Facebook ad campaigns were up and running within a few days of us commencing the strategy and to this day have been the major contributing factor to the increase in new patent enquires.
What all this added up to (and to this day still does) is that Eximus Dental receives on average over 100 new patient enquires each and every month. Not only that but through detailed hyper-targeted campaigns we are able to bring in a substantial amount of what Dr, Dyson really wants and that is dental implant enquires

Increasing The Occupancy Rate Of The Bourke Hotel


The Bouke is a new one of a kind boutique hotel situated in the heart of Davao. The pre-war colonial building was lovingly restored and transformed into a chic hotel by Australian born restaurant entrepreneur Wade Watson and his team.
the bourke hotel
Wade approached us back in 2018 after the hotel had been up and running for the last eight months, and although his proof on concept appeared to be working and guests loved the experience his overall occupancy rate was in the region of 30%.
Although the hotel had an online presence, great website and was active on social media in order for the hotel to begin to be a success the occupancy rate had to dramatically increase.
Marketing a hotel online is a competitive space regardless of the location, dominated by the big hotel booking players and those with big budgets prepared to battle it out with Google Hotel Ads.
Although The Bourke was a great concept and we knew without increasing the brand awareness so people would discover it in the first place the occupancy rate would be unlikely to increase to any large degree in the short term. 
Within the hotels conservative marketing budget we decided to take a multi-pronged approach, whereby we would work on the long-term SEO rankings for the relevant search terms such as “Hotel Davao” once again this being a competitive space we knew this would take time to have a real impact and eventually hit page one in the search engines.
Secondly and what would have more of an immediate impact would be a paid advertising strategy, the first thing to come to mind would obviously be Google Hotel Ads, however, the hotels marketing budget was at the time limited and we knew we could not compete and have the impact we desired.
The next logical choice would be standard Google Search Ads and after in-depth competitor analysis we discovered that that page one of Google was obviously dominated by the large booking operators such as Booking.com and Trivago, however, no single hotel seemed to be showing ads for hotels in Davao.
After we had performed our keyword analysis we were surprised to discover the estimated Cost Per Click (CPC) was relatively low and within the hotels monthly ad spends budget, Therefore we could begin to launch ads that would show a considerable amount of the time over the course of a month.
Next was the actual ad copy itself, and rather than try to compete on price, which was how the majority of the ads were competing we would set ourselves apart and highlight how different and unique the hotel was and reflect that in our ad copy.
Finally, we would we would look to Facebook as a cost-effective platform for brand awareness and identify our ideal customer avatar and audience. We would roll out ad campaigns targeting the business traveller and luxury high-end travel. 
Almost immediately after launching the Google ads campaign the hotel reported a substantial increase in bookings and after optimising our bid structure and extensively testing ad copy we hit the sweet spot and our CTR (Click Through Rate) skyrocketed!
With Facebook, our extensive audience testing and creative ad copy began to bear fruit with highly engaging ads that were generating booking enquires within Facebook itself and driving traffic to the booking form on the website.
So far the latest reports from the hotel are that they are currently operating at a 90% average occupancy rate and we continue to optimize their paid advertising and organic SEO strategy.

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