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Octopus SEO was born as a company right here in Cebu, since out inception we have grown to be a trusted provider of digital marketing solutions to great brands and companies both in the Philippines and internationally. However we will always have a special affinity for companies in Cebu & we would like to offer you special discounted rates and a true personal service
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When it comes to working with an SEO agency in Cebu it’s important that you know exactly which questions to ask. What are the services they plan to provide on a monthly basis? Who are some of their current clients? What are the action items do they plan to work on first? These are some of the more important questions that Octopus SEO will always be there to answer for you!

When rolling out our strategy one of the very first things we focus on is a comprehensive analysis of your competition in Cebu. Once we have gained a clear understanding of your competition by identifying what they are doing correctly and also incorrectly, we can then begin to formulate a strategy for success.

The success of an SEO campaign is largely dependant on how good an agency is at keyword research, in other words, the ability to identify and select the most relevant keywords for your website. Octopus SEO has experts, who will precisely identify the correct keywords and will employ them in your websites title tags, site links, content, site structure and images.

If your business information and location is incorrect or inconsistent across the internet, there is a chance it’s costing your business real sales and you risk your customers doing business with your competition instead of you. No need to worry as we ensure that your location is constantly updated and 100% accurate and up to date across all search engines, maps, social networks and business directories.

This includes all web platforms and their partners, including Google, Facebook Apple, Bing, Yelp, to name a few. Are you concerned about changing your phone number or physical address because of the impact it may have on the search engine results? Going forward this will not be a concern, because when you update it once with us we ensure it is accurate across the web and across all platforms.

We will ensure your Map listings on platforms such as Google and Apple are completely user-friendly and unique. This will go a long way in helping your business show up in more local search results and will help you stand out from the competition. We will work with you to update your business descriptions and relevant media, and also the promotions and updates that you want to advertise.

In addition, we will also make sure your website has been fully optimized and be found on all devices. Whether your potential client is searching from a laptop, desktop, tablet or any type of mobile device, your site will be designed to look great and fully functional. This means that your website can be viewed at any time, and will show up great in the search results no matter what type of device is being used.

We will ensure your local reputation is stellar, by helping you monitor reviews so you can respond quickly as they are posted. It can be quite a job to monitor many locations that customers leave reviews, but with us, our systems will help you know as quickly as possible!

If your business is working hard to build a first-class local reputation, it is essential that all of your location information is correct and consistent, and it is found when potential customers are searching for it. With Octopus SEO we do all the hard work for you to ensure that you have a consistent online presence in your local area


Your website can be beautifully designed and look great on the eye… however by far, the most important thing will always be content of the site. Especially content that that is relevant and useful to your customer’s needs, problems or fears. In essence, the goal of content marketing is to create content that will not only attract search engines but in addition be attractive to your ideal audience. The way this is done is by creating original relevant content that is keyword-rich and provides real value to the visitor.

SEO content marketing of any type should not just be optimizing the current content of your site, but in addition, should include content that will include current and future keywords. Search engines such as Google love to see that your site is growing regularly with additional pages that are relevant and indexed. This will result in their spiders visiting and crawling your site the site more often, while also giving the end user additional information to browse and read. All of the content we produce for you will create a consistent brand message while making it compelling for search engines and interesting and valuable human readers.

A tailormade content marketing strategy will depend on a number of factors, such as the industry you serve, your target audience, and marketing budget. We work one on one with you to constantly develop a strategy that will promote long-term growth, resulting in reaching more of your ideal audience in a sustainable way, using strategies that are proven to work. We don’t take shortcuts that might result in giving you a quick ranking boost in the search engines but then ultimately results in you falling back down in the search engines quickly.

We believe a good content marketing strategy should focus on producing engaging content, that is posted with a well thought out and regular content marketing schedule. On your behalf we will also repurpose new and existing content across all platforms, optimizing them for the specific platform they are posted on. Not only that we love to give custom training for those clients who are interested in producing and marketing content by themselves.

To learn more about our approach to content marketing contact us today and we’ll show you how we can help your business climb the search engine results while producing content that your clients will want and love to read.


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