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There are over 100 billion searches conducted on Google, an effective paid search campaign can present the opportunity for you to be seen by a large, highly targeted segment of your potential customers and clients. When you work side by side with us we can help guide you through the sometimes complex world of paid advertising and avoid potentially costly mistakes. We have many years of executing and overseeing paid search campaigns that will bring you real results to help grow your business

Creating a winning paid advertising campaign can be somewhat overwhelming, as there are many moving parts that need to be taken into consideration. The fundamental foundation of any campaign is an enticing & informative landing page or website, this is where your targeted keywords and ads will be directed to.

Designing an enticing ad is the starting point of the campaign, as ultimately this is what draws in your prospective target audience in. If you ensure that when they land on your page its context contains exactly what they are looking for you greatly increase the chance of taking action and converting — which will ultimately mean more sales & revenue for your business. You can rest assured our dedicated team of experts will craft a specific tailor-made campaign that is right for business.

While Pay Per Click campaigns can be relatively easy to set up and manage, it can be challenging to do so in a highly effective way — especially when the goal is to produce a positive ROI. Due to this, it is imperative that a skilled and experienced agency is running your campaigns. When you choose Octopus SEO, you can be safe in the knowledge our dedicated team of experts will craft a tailor-made campaign that is right for business goals.

One of the roadblocks that many agencies face is creating campaigns that convert into substantial sales volume or leads while achieving the desired cost per acquisition. We believe we are more than qualified to do just that. Our level of experience gives us a deep understanding of the numbers and dynamics of managing highly successful ad campaigns that not that many other agencies possess, allowing us to continually produce outperforming results for our clients.

Paid search advertising is not always predictable. Because of this at times it can difficult to predict the projected ROI that PPC campaigns can produce. Especially when the cost per acquisition increases the more and conversions take place. This is where our experience becomes invaluable, because of our capacity to understand the metrics and how they interact.

Having a predetermined cost per acquisition can help you define your marketing campaigns objectives.

CPA overall is impacted by a number of indicators, most notably are:

– Impressions

– Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

– Click-Through Rate (CTR)

– Conversions

We adhere to a number of best practices to maximize the efficiency of your campaign and thus ensure peak performance.

Impressions are key to the success of a winning campaign because your ads need to be seen before your target audience can click on them. To accumulate a sufficient amount of impressions we analyze, amongst other things, keywords, placement, bidding, and budgeting.

Our goal is to produce clicks at the lowest possible cost (CPC) by continuously updating and reviewing the cost and conversion of your keywords and in addition adding negative keywords to the campaign. Also how relevant your landing page/website is and the average page load speeds are important factors, as well to be taken into consideration

Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage amount of people who see your ads and then proceed to click through to your landing page. Thus, a high CTR can be a good benchmark of how relevant your ad copy is. This can be achieved through the correct placement of keywords in the ad copy, the quality of the ad copy, adding ad extensions correctly, and crafting a compelling call to action within ad copy itself. We work to make sure that your ad is persuasive and relevant as possible so that your audience is enticed to click on it, giving you the opportunity to convert them from a potential client into an actual customer

Ultimately conversion rates are the metric that the majority of advertisers are concerned with, as it is an indication that people are taking the next step in your buying process. Relevant landing pages are also critical to conversations, as people won’t reach out to make contact and ultimately become clients if they can’t find the information they are looking for.

Compelling ad copy and accurate keyword research are also vitally important, to direct potential buyers who are ready to do business with you to your website or landing page. We do everything humanly possible to bring in as many conversions as we can, converting potential clients into actual paying customers. We are continually testing and optimizing your campaigns, to give you the best possible numbers for all of the relevant metrics. What this means is you will not just get clicks to your offer as efficiently as possible, but you will also convert those clicks into customers at the best rate possible for your business. 

Contact us today and learn more on how we can help make paid search work for your business!

Banner ads are seen everywhere you look on the internet today, so breaking through the sea of ads and actually getting noticed can be difficult. A lot of variables go into making a display campaign a successful one because the ads need to be relevant, grab the viewers attention, and be seen by potential new customers when they are looking for them.

Because of this, we find display advertising works best for building the awareness of your brand. Display advertising can be vital to establishing a new brand, or the launch of a new product. Display ads will ensure that your brand is top mind in your target audiences awareness. While it can be challenging, display advertising can produce effective results when used to promote brand awareness if properly executed.

A successful display advertising campaign requires a well thought-out and executed plan. You need to know who your target audience is, what their interests are, and where they actually spend their time online. Once this is clearly established, you can launch a display advertising campaign. And this is precisely what we do at Octopus SEO. We extensively research who your potential clients and customers are: analyze them based on their interests, behaviours, demographics, and their browsing habits.

Once your campaign is launched, we will constantly test and review the campaign setup, establishing which sites and demographics are responding best to the advertising. In doing so, we can identify exactly why the campaign is effective, providing you with the maximum amount of conversions and highest success rate while maintaining the lowest possible cost.

Our team’s creative flair we will craft beautiful display ads for your business. We design everything on site and that makes highly adaptable in the design process. Your ads will be designed to capture attention with clever messaging so your potential clients will be drawn in which in turn will result in an increase in CTR and conversions.

All of our team remain up-to-date on industry changes and are experts in conversion rate optimization. Our aim is to create the highest-quality ads for your business with your goals and objectives in mind. 


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