A business’s website is a core area of any digital marketing efforts. Hence, it must be created with a mindset of marketing rather than beauty. And don’t get us wrong, it is a good idea to design an appealing site. However, you must ensure that it is not only appealing in outlook but also in performance. The reason is that the majority of Startups focus on form, and lose a lot of chances without knowing.

If your website is the most exquisite one throughout the universe, as long as it does not have excellent performance, it is useless. Hence, if you have an interest in establishing a profitable website, you should begin with a robust SEO framework to construct a site which is quick and easy to locate effortless with your additional online marketing strategies.

Reasons why SEO is crucial

Search Engine Optimization, simply known as SEO, attracts new clients to your website. For instance, if an individual is surfing the web for a solution to his/her challenges, and your site has the answer – which another website also may have – you will want your website to be the first link they will see while searching. You can imagine that, as an individual, you will be more willing to check the first website or page shown on Google rather than stressing to the others to get your needs. Hence, the more your site pops up on the first page, the higher your chances of getting more clients.

Begin by making Keyword Research

One of the significant reasons why it is essential to start your website design and construction with a keyword search is to make sure that your site is one of the highly ranked on search results. Hence, you have to begin by thinking about a word you would have searched if you happened to be in a position of potential customer looking for your product or services. Your ideas can be many – write everything down. Through the use of Google Search Console, you can find out terms which are already enticing many users to a site similar to yours; and that can help restructure your thinking concerning your keyword.

Afterwards, you can begin to tailor the list down to like 12 to 20 terms; some of the words must show the core principle of your business while others can talk about the particular intent which a user might be looking for. These keywords will entail everything your website design choices will be.


Reason like a Search engine

Google sees a website differently to that of the human point of view as it looks through the information related to a specific search. Ensure that majority of your content is in the HTML text format. While Google is looking the internet for information, Flash content, JavaScript and Images are mostly not recognized by the search engine. Hence, if you place a significant part of your content in any of the three forms stated, then, there is a good chance that Google will miss a considerable part of your website’s content when searching for keywords or relevant phrases.

It is advisable to use Google Cache Checker to view how your website comes up on Google. In a situation where your pages are almost blank, then, you should know that search engines are skipping a substantial part of your site content. Hence, there will be a need to apply HTML heavily during restructuring.

Understand your website structure

Apart from thinking about how your website is viewed by search engines, you have to ensure that your website is constructed in a meaningful manner for SEO and guests.

You can establish a site map to guide you on how to figure out your content and flow. This aspect includes the information you will like to put together, the logical paths which guests will take when surfing your site, the easy means for users to move from one relevant information to another, and a way to design the website so that it enriches the customer’s navigation and motivates users to check the bottom side of your natural sales funnel.

If you have figured out the user’s experience part of your website, then, the next reasoning to do is the structure using an SEO perspective. Establishing a site with surf-able link design is vital to ensuring that search engines can view every content of your website. Some reasons can be responsible for the problematic navigation of links on your site, such reasons include:

  • If the links for pages are concealed beneath submission forms
  • If the links are in-between Java content which search engines cannot read
  • If there are several hundreds of links on a single site (search engines have a limit concerning searching hence it may not find it before it moves on)

Deliver Valuable Content

Regardless of how functional and appealing your website is, as long as the content is below par, your site will remain redundant.

The aim of your content should focus on showcasing your business as the top-notch in your sector. Valuable content will be functional in all areas. It will attract clients, gain their trust, and also push them to attempt a purchasing option on your website. As long as you deliver rich and useful content for your customers, they will want to come back for more details, keep you in their mind, and go as far as referring you to others apart from their purchase.

Aside from that, when you fill your website with valuable content consistently, you will gain more chance to generate useful information and data to attract more guests to your site. Endeavour to house every content such as blog posts, case studies, white papers, podcasts, infographics, and webinars that belongs to you on your website. Once you distribute links of such valuable contents to social media pages or through a newsletter, you will be directing massive traffic to your site.

Without an excellent approach to SEO, a beautiful website is meaningless. As we mentioned earlier, your website is the fundamental aspect of your online marketing strategy; hence, it is worthy to invest your time, money and energy to establish a site which does not only have a superb form but an excellent function that suite your business.


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