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Before We Start Your SEO Campaign

We always like to start with a world-class SEO audit on your website to establish if there are any underlying issues.

If You Haven’t Already It Would Be Beneficial To Go Here First – Preparation For An SEO Audit

Once We Have Completed Your SEO Audit It’s Time To Go Into Battle

1. Sit Down Together & Define Your Target Audience?

At the start of any marketing campaign on or offline, you have to clearly define who your target audience is.

No doubt have your loyal clients and customers that significantly add revenue to your business, they may ask for much, and they may be easy to deal with in general.

We are sure you also have other customers that can be rather difficult to deal with and ask for a million things and at times can make life difficult.

Now, of course, you can sell to both types, but maybe your should pose the question – do you want to? If you are honest probably not. In reality, you would probably take one good customer over ten bad customers.

Therefore defining who you actually want your ideal target customer will look like is going to help establish what keywords you even want to rank for and in turn, the type of content you want to create.

A better understanding your ideal audience will help you and us come up with tons of ideas of what to rank for. Let’s listen to what your market is telling you.

When we build out content together, we need to think about what stops our clients from buying our products and services and then we attacked it from all angles.

Here’s An example:

Clients may come to us and stare, “I want to an SEO strategy but I’m not ready to buy yet,” – So hey presto, we put together an article that covers “Here is the definitive SEO strategy you should follow!”

From there they may say, “OK I understand the strategy, but I don’t have a clear idea of what keywords to target?”

So we write another article on “How To Perform Easy Keyword Research”

From there they might go on to say, “OK but how can I stay safe if I’m building backlinks to my website?”

Pow another article, How To Stay Safe Performing SEO.

This could go on and on, and we simply continue to keep answering their questions. This way we create authority and trust, so when they are finally ready to buy, we already firmly established a relationship with them.

By having a clear understanding your target market, you can answer questions and help them solve their issues and problems – Which in turn makes gains clients and add revenue to your business.

Once we both understand who you’re going to target, then it’s time to the ideal keywords to target!

2. Competitor Research / Keyword Research: How To Find Plenty Of Profitable Keywords

It can be perceived that Keyword research is hard…However is doesn’t have to be – It’s actually pretty straightforward!

Let’s divide keywords into two groups:

– Keywords that you’re already targeting
– Keywords that you’re not already targeting.

Initially, we want to aim for quick wins with SEO, so we can use keyword research tools like your own keywords that you’re currently ranking for in position four or below (they will include page 2 of Google). This is because Google already sees you as the relevant result for these terms, you just don’t rank in at the top for them.

If we optimize these pages and begin sending more links to them, we can increase your chances of ranking a lot faster than a totally new keyword.

Then we need to establish what keywords you’re NOT targeting, and then we can do something called a competitive gap analysis.

Basically, we will to go out and find all your competitor’s websites. We can research both direct competitors (competitors that sell the exact same services and products as you) as well your indirect competitors (businesses within your industry that don’t sell the same products or services as you but have the same audience).

Once we have a list of all your competitors, we will make a list of all the keywords that they rank for and in turn exclude the ones that you rank for.

Now together we have and an extensive list of keywords to target and build out content.

Now we have the keywords that are well worth targeting! Next, we need to either optimize your current content for those keywords or build out new content.

3. OnPage SEO: The Progressive Content Strategy For SEO

We want to progressively build out your content whilst ensuring that your pages are fully optimized with your keywords and cover the topic in great depth and detail.

We will optimize your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL, Header Tags, Images and a whole lot more.

The main focus should be about building out quality in-depth content because that’s what Google wants- the most accurate answers the searcher’s questions. We will focus on creating lengthy content 1500 plus words which we know ranks better.

Once we have the list of keywords from your earlier keyword research. We will build out content concentrating on those keywords and add internal links on your website to the particular content.

The content will help your target customers with their problems and questions and will get them into your funnel. After we have built out your content, then we need links to drive the rankings.

4. Your Link Building Strategy

Because of shady black hat SEO link building sometimes gets negative press, however, if you look at all the data, you will discover this is what is really driving rankings.

One of the major issues is that most websites vastly underestimating the volume of links that is required to rank for particular keywords and search terms.

In addition, a large number of sites can get penalized for over-optimizing things like t their anchor text and an unnatural link profile.

So when we begin your first link building campaign, here is the plan that we would suggest:

1) Begin with Branding and Diversity:

Without a doubt, the biggest issue is that sites get hit with over optimization. We want to begin your link building strategy by giving your website a wealth of diversity. We only build out natural anchor text ( or alternatively just your brand name as the keyword, etc) and no exact match or commercial anchors.

We can do this two ways –

– Social Profiles: Build up and out your social profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+) authority properties plus additional ones. This clearly signifies you are an actual real brand. We build out as many of these as we can. This will give you brand links and diversified links. We do not try to build exact match anchors at this point, we only use your brand name or naked URLs (
– Press Releases: We would also recommend we do at least one Press Release for your website. Again we use naked links and no-follow them. This will give you a great deal of diversity from authority sites. In addition, it will also ensure you that you won’t over optimized with your anchor text. This will make sure down the road you will have a decent amount of no-follow diversity so we can build more do-follow links later.

2) Moving on to the High Power Links:

After we have built you a solid substantial base, we will begin to add quality high powered links with close or exact match anchors. We will never repeat the same anchor text twice, just mix it up with something slightly different each time. We find a great way to get these is to do guest posts on authority blogs.

The on-going Link Build Out: We will continue to add these types of links month after month while changing your anchors each time with different long tails and variations.

We also want to avoid these big mistakes:

1) Anchor Text Ratios:

We have found the biggest problem we continually see is people still over-optimizing anchor text. We believe everyone needs to stop worrying about the anchor text ratio and go for all out on brand signals, naked URLs, and the like. We will get you an enormous amount of natural links and only use a handful of exact match anchors. We have found Google will never penalize for having too diverse a portfolio of links.

2) We never Give Up:

Another major problem we see is people stopping or giving up on link building. Google takes the time to evaluate your website. It can take a good few weeks after we build out powerful links for movement to occur, based on bounce and click rates and the like your website can jump around and keep moving up for months.

If you are stuck we don’t stop and wonder why it didn’t work. We keep building you a diversified link portfolio. Our best ranking clients have on-going link campaigns even when they are doing well. Too many SEO campaigns fail by building a number of links and stopping.

Don’t fail like this, you’re so close.

As we are building out your links and content, we will track how it’s all working.

5. We Will Measure Your SEO Results

We want you to clearly understand that SEO takes time. It would be great if we could build your links one day and see results the next day, but the fact is Google doesn’t work like that. So we make sure we set your expectations that this is a long-term strategy and don’t be alarmed if it takes a few months to start seeing results.

We suggest using a combination of traffic reports from Google Analytics and keyword rank tracking.

Fluctuations are perfectly normal when we make changes, however, over time you will see increases in your website traffic and your rankings by following our proven strategy.

Additional SEO For Local Sites

If you are a local business or have a physical location, we will need to do a few extra things. Because local search queries bring up the map pack, we will make sure you rank there. Here’s how we do it:

1) The Correct Set Up Of Your Google Local / Google My Business Page:

We will Set up your Google Local Listing and Google My Business Page so you can rank in the three pack.

2) Audit Citations:

This is the number one reason that is holding you back in the local search. We will make we perform a local citation audit before doing anything. This will also tell us what citations you’re missing.Then we will clean up and fix your local citations if necessary.

3) Build out your citations & links:

We will get you the local citations & links that your top ranking competitors have from your relevant industry websites, and ego directories. We will continue building these until you have absolutely crushed your competition.


Hopefully, we trust you can see how effective our well-rounded SEO strategy can be and if you employ us and let us take all these things into consideration. By following our strategy we will set you up for massive success.